our goal is to develop the most competent, driven, leadership focused college students of any organization. With college being such a formidable time, we strive to set our staff up to be better prepared for work post-graduation. We believe the best leaders are learners, and so we strive to create a culture of growth in every layer of our organization


rather than just being volunteers, our staff are given true ownership over areas within The Real Movement. We want people to drop the ball, and then together we can pick up the pieces to learn how to grow more towards excellence. 


We believe everyone has something they can be the best in the world at. Rather than only looking at general leadership practices, our focus is on individual coaching and picking out peoples’ strengths to be sharpened. 

High expectation

We believe high standards produces the sharpest people, and so We try to find a balance of high expectation/high encouragement to push people to be their best.

Leadership Collectives

Twice a year, our entire leadership staff goes on a weekend retreat to prepare for the upcoming semester. These weekends are one of the most important elements of The Real Movement, where we get to set the tone of the semester in prayer, leadership, and overall expectation of what the Lord is going to do.

Leadership Development classes

Every fall, we hold monthly leadership classes on all 5 of our campuses. These classes are open to the public, and are centered around key Leadership foundations.

Spiritual Intimacy

Growing our college leaders in their walk with Christ is one of our top priorities. Our hope is that the way they experience Christ while being on staff will shape the way they pursue Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Prayer and fasting is a priority

  1. For each of our over 100 events a year, we have 2-3 people each event signing up to pray and fast specifically for that event. So while each event is going on, there are multiple people around the state of Georgia desperately praying for the Lord to move.

  2. While fasting is often a private endeavor, once a year our team embarks on a one week Daniel Fast to prepare for our Easter Event. 

  3. All night prayer nights.

  4. Every fall, we hold monthly Spiritual Intimacy classes on all 5 of our campuses. These classes are open to the public, and are centered around key foundations of growing towards Christ.

Relational Discipleship

We believe in the long game of discipleship. The real movement realizes that being able to speak into someone requires an authentic relationship founded on love and trust. While hangouts are the bread and butter of who we are, our overall goal is to love people like Jesus would, and that happens in the day to day of life.