What is The Real Network?


Our hope and desire is that regardless of age or season of life, people can stay invested and involved with all of the amazing things happening at The Real Movement. With that heart in mind, The Real Network is a space for those who love The Real Movement, but have transitioned out of the TRM hangout environment. Whether on staff, a stakeholder or an attendee, the goal of The Real Network is to keep people connected to The Real Movement community after the transition out of the college environment.


Listed below are 3 options in which you can get involved in The Real Network. Whether you choose just one or all three, we thank you for choosing to be apart of The Real Network, and we can’t wait to see community formed from all the people that have been apart of The Real Movement in recent years.

Monthly Giving


Becoming a monthly financial partner of The Real Movement truly paves the way for the next generation of college students to grow and find community. Through your monthly giving you are helping fuel the future of TRM, so the organization can be financially supported. Your gift will allow the current team to execute their positions without worry of financial burden. We have a dream of creating communities across the nation, and becoming a monthly partner allows us to make our dreams our reality.

Prayer Team


Across the board, our deepest desire is that we create communities that show people how loved they are by others, and by Jesus. To cultivate this love, we need a team of alumni who are dedicated to praying for our current staff, stakeholders, and Hangout attendees. We all know that prayer is our main fuel. Therefore, this team will be dedicated to surrounding our younger counterparts with prayer even when they don't know it.

Mentorship Program

One of our main areas of focus is setting college students up for success after college. While the primary way we do this is community and personal development, this mentorship program will be giving college students access to TRM alumni in the same career path. By choosing to be apart of the mentorship program, you will be making yourself accessible to pour into the younger generation who want to know more about their current career path, as well as helpful tips and suggestions in how to thrive once they get there.