If you know anything about us you know we love stories, more importantly, your stories. We hope you have seen some of our full-length narratives, but we have a special opportunity to create a small collection of small but incredible stories. These stories represent and are some of the one in a million faces that are walking on your campuses, in your workplaces, in your homes. One story in a million stories, powerful, relatable, real. Welcome to The Photo Narrative Project (Oct. 2017).



In my life, I've has a lot of bad occurrences with people, mostly close friends, leaving me. This made me hold tight to the friends that stayed. Now, I have the opportunity to go to a new school directed towards helping your career and none of my friends were going. I had to choose to willingly to drop my friends or not choose my future. I've never had to do that. I've been praying to God about what path I should take. During the conference, I really felt god telling me to go up to the front during altar call. One of my pastors told me that god loved me like crazy and to stop beating yourself up because of this. I felt such peace in that moment. God told me none of my paths will lead to destruction. I haven't chose a path yet, but it feels comforting that god will have me no matter what!



Growing up I struggled with my self-esteem, finding validation from others, and finding my true identity. I found my worth in worthless things and in the long run it ended up putting me in a place of my life that I never thought I’d be. I began to pursue my relationship with Jesus again and He showed me my worth, brought meaning into the meaningless, and fulfilled me in ways that nothing else could. Now I have a family at TRM of beautiful people that pour truth and love into me constantly and I couldn’t be happier with where God has placed me in this season. There’s so much more to my story, and so much more to come, but that’s the jist of it!



My mom met Koda’s (friend) mom and then he said I should come to the Influencers Church. I came and IT WAS GREAT!! And havn't stopped since!