The heart behind these "conversations" is simple. After your 4-6 years of college, your "real world" begins. Whether you understand all that entails or not, its beginning is inevitable. We learn about chemistry and marketing in college, but often not what a healthy relationship looks like, or how to handle the race issue that is sweeping over our country.

"Conversations" will be had regardless, so we want to have the right ones. Our goal for these classes is to give college students the opportunity to talk about issues that aren't typically talked about, and then show them guidelines in how to live them out well.

Coming Up : 

more conversations coming in the fall!


Past Conversations :

the conversation: calling


The Conversation: Finances


the conversation: Justice & RAce

The Conversation : Dating

the conversation: commitment

the Conversation: shame and guilt

Locations :

Kennesaw State

1955 Bells Ferry Road Apt 324,

Marietta GA 30066

University of Georgia

285A Pineview Drive,

Athens GA 30306

Georgia State (Live)

The Fringe - 337 Elizabeth St NE

Atlanta GA 30307