Currently on 5 college campuses across the state of Georgia, The Real Movement exists to create inclusive environments for college aged individuals. We aim to build communities, where regardless of background, religion, or beliefs everyone can feel accepted and loved.

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Our teams at The Real Movement are comprised of over 110 college aged volunteers. Each member of our volunteer staff is assigned to one of 7 teams that make up the Real movement.

Vibe: The largest team at TRM. Our vibe team is responsible for creating inclusive communities on college campuses. this is accomplished by holding weekly hangouts across each of our schools.

Voice: the voice team communicates through social media to engage and inform college aged individuals on what is going on at the real movement.

Tech ops: the tech ops team develops all photo and video content, as well as facilitates live event production.

Nooma: The Nooma teams’ main role is to continue in securing prayer as the biggest priority of the real movement.

Story: The story team works to manage all creative vision for the real movement. focusing on the development of social media graphics, merchandise, and hangout materials.

Family: The Family Team exists to maintain the internal well-being of TRM staff.

Fuel: The fuel team focuses their abilities on fundraising, accounting, and all financial logistics for the real movement.