Building communities for college students, by college students

THE Vision


Our deepest desire is for college students and young adults to spread the love of Jesus to those who are disconnected from Him by creating inclusive communities on college campuses that allow for an intentional display of discipleship to all those we encounter. 



We desire for every student, regardless of who they are or what they believe, to know they are made in the image of God. We aim to accomplish this by developing weekly environments on campus where anyone outside of faith in Christ can feel dignity and inclusion while encountering the gospel of Jesus Christ through our words, actions, and the lives we live.

OUR Process


Our process starts with us creating environments where regardless of who you are or what you believe, you can feel welcomed and valued. These weekly events, called hangouts, are meant to bridge the gap between Christian and non-Christian communities, where people with different beliefs and opinions can come together and connect. Our hangouts’ goal is to create an inclusive environment where we can love everyone like Jesus does. Our team aims to share with others the fact that they are loved and made in the image of Christ. 

TRM strives to see hangouts being formed into thriving communities of every day life. We believe the best communities aren’t built in two hours a week, so we aim to build relationships where people connect and grow together outside of hangouts. Relational discipleship is our goal, where people are sharing God’s truth to those they care for. 

our staff


TRM operates with a 60+ member volunteer staff of college students and young adults. We seek to grow competent leaders that know how to engage and share their faith in the same way Jesus did. We do this by empowering and developing our staff in areas such as spiritual intimacy, leadership development, and discipleship. Our leaders build communities we believe will bring countless people to take spiritual steps toward the love of Jesus. 

Our Dream


the lord has placed a dream in our hearts to take the real movement to a place it’s never been before. we have seen an amazing response to the schools where we are planted, and we want to see god move in places we never could have imagined.

If you’re interested in starting a hangout on your campus let us know by nominating your campus below!

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